Revolutionary T-Shirt
Revolutionary T-Shirt Revolutionary T-Shirt Revolutionary T-Shirt Revolutionary T-Shirt


“The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us.” -Dorothy Day


She feels the winds of change beginning to blow. She watches as her neighbors prepare to resist it or pretend it isn’t so. Building structures, hiding inside, shutting their eyes. Her eyes are wide open, taking in their actions. But she wants to be different. She wants to be a revolutionary.

Rather than fighting the wind or running from it, she ascends the nearest hill and raises a bright red kite into the sky. Her brilliant beacon of hope soars ever higher, elevated by the wind, not destroyed by it. Invigorated by the swirling breeze, she can’t contain her laughter or the sparkle in her eyes. Surprised by the sound, the eyes of the people hidden away spring open. As they peep out at her, she beckons them to join her.

She is not plotting a strategic overthrow or an elaborate scheme. Just simple Gospel love. One moment at a time. One person at a time.

Apprehensive, they follow her lead, stepping out into the gusting wind, nervously picking up kites of their own. As they climb slowly up the hill to meet her, she encourages them to let their kites fly.


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Tri-Blend loose-fitting women's tee 

High Point Shoulder (HPS) is measured from the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom hem of the shirt
High Point Shoulder Length
Bust/Width measures across the bust 1”” below the armhole, seam to seam. Bust/Width

6760 XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL
HPS length 25 3/4 26 1/4 26 3/4    27 1/4 27 3/4 28 1/4 28 3/4
Bust 14" from HPS 17 1/2 18 1/2 19 1/2 20 1/2 22 23 1/2 25