Grace Grit & Gumption Tank
Grace Grit & Gumption Tank Grace Grit & Gumption Tank Grace Grit & Gumption Tank Grace Grit & Gumption Tank


"Scarlett did not answer, for she did not want to be too rude.  But to her mind there were few, if any qualities that outweighed gumption." - Margaret Mitchell, Gone With the Wind. 


It all begins with grace. The grace to believe that we were created in the image of a divine creator and to see that divinity reflected in others.  From grace flows grit. The grit to throw off the covers every morning, put feet to the floor and set to the work we were created to do. The building. The healing. The cleaning. The growing. The creating. With bodies filled with the life-giving breath of our creator, we breathe life into each person we encounter along the way. From grit, gumption is born. The gumption to defiantly choose to believe, in the face a world that wants to convince us otherwise, that our mind, heart, body, and souls are not a battleground. This is not a place where war is waged, but a peaceful space of the spirit of the creator, bringing with it true beauty and glory. Even when our mind and bodies fail us in illness or weakness, they are sacred. Gumption is engaging with the world and its people using all the resourcefulness, initiative and imagination we can muster. It is walking daily, head held high, with the conviction that we are here not merely to survive, though survive we will, but to thrive. 


15% of profits from this product gives back to Christ in the City.

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A flowy tank with side slits and a high-low, rounded hem for a super-chic finish. Relaxed and ready-for-anything, it features a scoop neck, and side seams. Lose fitting and flattering. 

Size Chart

 Small: size 2-4 

 Medium; size 6-8

 Large: size 10-14

 Extra Large: size 16-18