Beauty and Justice go hand in hand.
Authentic Identity can't be separated from truth.
Humanity is good, and that goodness should be displayed.
In creating a place where the artist, storyteller, and world changer can converge and create inspiration for an unbelieving world. 
In a spirit of abundance we sow into others gifts, ministries, and organizations to watch them flourish.
    To be a voice to the voiceless.
    To restore dignity where it has been lost.
    To bring freedom to those in slavery.
    To put the lonely into families. 
    To make everyday life be our most magnificent work of art. 

    To partner with the Holy-Spirit
    To give life to our dreams  
    To stay rooted in our identity as co-creators
    To restore dignity through the work of our hands
    To play a part in the greater story 
    We are deeply rooted in our Catholic faith so our branches may grow far and wide to reach out to other denominations and all of humanity.