Life Well Ordered Sticker

Life Well Ordered Sticker

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May Your Life be Well Ordered so Your Art Can Be Wild 


It begins with a blank canvas. Sometimes your life paintbrushes are fresh and new, and at others you only have access to brushes that look a little worse for wear, with ends as frayed as your nerves. There are days when you splatter fuchsia and candy-apple red onto the canvas, laughing as drops land on your cheeks and the tip of your nose. Other days, you paint with slower, more deliberate strokes in a shade of a melancholy navy blue. But no matter the tools or the shades, you continue painting. You aren’t sure if what you are creating is any good, but you still believe in it anyway. You read books to improve your technique. You bravely try new things, even when they don’t quite go according to plan. Through the painting you grow, you break, you heal. And just as you begin to doubt your creative powers and the process, the person you love most stops by with a new set of paintbrushes, reinvigorating your passion for your work. Your mentor drops by to give you a new pair of glasses through which to view your work and a new perspective on where it can go next if you only dream bigger. Your best friend pops a bottle of champagne, toasting with you to your glorious work in progress…and giving you a handful of glitter to toss onto your creation, making it sparkle and dance in the sunlight. The work isn’t done, but at each stage it is uniquely beautiful. Cheers to the recovering people pleasers and the experts in messy love! Cheers to the leaders who paint with vulnerability and the followers who discover a unique style all their own! Cheers to the realization that the true masterpiece isn’t the final product, after all. It’s the messy, glorious, perfectly imperfect process. So here’s to a life that isn’t just about creating something to be gazed upon in a museum, but rather about creating a life that is a living, breathing work of art.


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