G.K. Chesterton Home Print
G.K. Chesterton Home Print
G.K. Chesterton Home Print

G.K. Chesterton Home Print

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"The home is not the one tame place in a world of adventure;
it is is the one Wild place in a world of rules and tasks."
-G.K. Chesterton


Home. The place we begin and end our day. The place where we trade our out-in-the-world shoes for our cozy slippers. The place where we belong, where we are seen, where we grow. --
Home is that school of love from which we never graduate, and only add more degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in Identity, a Master Science in Forgiveness, a Doctorate in Play. On and on we go, until, in the 78th grade we realize we have behind us, around us, a legacy of students who have begun schools of their own. And not all of these students share our bloodlines or DNA, and many have never lived within the walls of our own houses. It is then we realize that humanity is our home, and the walls don’t matter much. The only things that matter are open eyes and an open heart. With unconditional love, we welcome you home. The door is always unlocked. Come on in.


15% of profits from this product gives back to the St. Gerard Program at omayagua, Honduras. 

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Handcrafted & designed with love and printed right here in the USA, this 8×10 print is part of our Meaningful Market Home Collection. 

Your print is packaged with a backing board and shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer and includes one of our Home Collection Cards. 

G.K. Chesterton Home Print